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With your help we can get through this and do a ton of good along the way.

Albee circa 2022 
         (facing the reality of
           Terminal Stage 4 cancer)

"We learned to live  and live well with and around both the TN & AD, through multiple brain surgeries.  Now, the brutal treatments of fight Stage4 Cancer and effects of the cancer itself. I say,


Living through Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) + Anesthesia Dolorosa (AD) and now fighting through Stage 4 Cancer with its intense daily & monthly treatments can be soul crushingly brutal at times, yet he says over and over and over:
"I'm NOT DYING TODAY, because I am too busy LIVING!!!" 

20220802_082730 (2).jpg

The Good & The Bad 

Peek behind the curtain when the monthly  cancer injections / treatments intersect with TN flares

and The Ugly  

Meet the Family #LOVEHeals
Never underestimate the power of LOVE!!


Any chronic illness or condition impacts the entire family (NOT just the patient). 

The treatments are brutal, yet you need LIVE around them.  
The FAMILY stands with me they are displaying the power of LOVE!!! 


Scribbling away for years putting his journey to work for you,  your loved ones and all the chronically challenged

Finding the section where this Book will live one day very soon AND styling on the 4th of July 

Be Strong Be Well Be Kind cov V1.jpg

Book 1 of the Missing Manuals for the Chronically Challenged
(due out this winter) 

Fundraising TODAY to move forward AND beat back Cancer 

Yes Yes treatment bills have piled up, kid in college & high school, 99 year old house blah blah, but THE BATTLE PROVEN PATH book is accelerating, dire need of  launch funds, funds to get it into bookstores, launch parallel carer as inspirational & motivational & speaker, LIVE the 3Bs by playing and WINNING at competitive, adaptive / disabled golf. 

Click one of these buttons OR point your phone's camera at these QR codes for the links
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FYI: AngeLink is a diversity focussed, women founded & fueled startup to disrupt the likes of GoFundme.  

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