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Are you or someone you love Chronically Challenged? 

 Guess what?

Us too! 

Be Strong

Be Well  

Be Kind

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Why create

This VERY second, there are millions of people around the world who are getting the traumatic news of some sort of lifelong, horrible condition and being forced to decide: 

"Is there a path forward for me? OR should I give up?"


We say no matter how terrible it is, there is a path! With, we will show you the Battle-proven path and be living examples for others. 

What is the vision for

A  self-sustainable, social venture built to reach millions in dire need of a helping hand.

A virtual, safe space to inspire, lead, teach and mentor the Chronically Challenged through the darkness to learn to LIVE again and LIVE WELL! 

How? will be a Launchpad

The Chronically Challenged deserve to be met on their own terms, their own speed and their own preferred methods. will be a central hub and launch pad for these and more.

"If the Sun rises, even behind the clouds, then so shall I to try and try again."  

Albee circa 2011 (TN onset)

Be Strong Be Well Be Kind cov V1.jpg along with your contributions are sponsoring and supporting the completion of the first book in the Series of Missing Manuals for the Chronically Challenged 

Despite the seasonal TN flares and the brutal stage 4 cancer treatments, progress, albeit slowly, continues 
(due out Spring 2023

Meet our Founder: Albee

Living through Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) + Anesthesia Dolorosa (AD) + multiple brain surgeries provided the experience needed to start writing a book to lead others down a path learn to LIVE again and LIVE WELL.   

Then, the Universe & God laid down the challenge to overcome Stage 4 Cancer such to traverse the journey once again to improve, enhance and transform this offering into the forthcoming "Battle-Proven Path to Living Better Today" and use the journey to build and launch   

20220802_082730 (2).jpg

Living example of 3Bs 

Not dying today because I am too busy LIVING!!! 

Always searching for ways to aid healing! 

Family FTW! Very active Dad & Husband

Not the path I would have chosen, alas let's use it as a FORCE for GOOD

Full Body Activities Accelerate the Healing of the Mind, Brain, Body & Soul

Adaptive / Disabled sports requires constant adaption. It is a not a one time thing. Each week, each day brings new challenges to adapt, adjust and overcome along with an infinite number opportunities to practice self-kindness (-: 

Info for Corporate & Association Sponsorship opportunities coming soon
Thank you to UMD for all the support! (see here) #GoTERPS!! 

The 2022 Disabled Golf & Adaptive Golf Champtionships 

Represented Maryland
Finished 14th Overall and 6th in the neurological flight!

He says: "we can do better!"

Had to sit this one out due to timing of cancer treatments combined with intense summer heat & humidity, but showed up to support my Adaptive Golf Brothers and Sisters
Next year, its on! 

Learning the Healing Power of Food

Fighting Stage 4 Cancer took him on a #FoodisMedicineToo journey that introduced him to many other "XYZ is medicine too" options that aid and accelerate healing.
Could it be another book? Stay tuned (-:

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